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    Wellness is freedom to be whomever you want to be because you can.

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  • Chiropractic care is more than just making the pain disappear. It's about learning, understanding and taking care of your body to improve your quality of life.

    We strive to educate our patients about chiropractic and other natural solutions to common health issues, in order to motivate you to take a more active and responsible role in restoring and maintaining your own health as well as the people around you.

    Our team consists of skilled and well trained professionals with years of experience in their fields. Our focus is to get you back to doing what you love whether its exercising or running around with your kids.

  • Meet the Team

    Naroth Nop Mendoza, D.C.

    doctor of chiropractic

    Dr. Naroth is a dedicated Mom to Ari (6) and Amerie (4), business owner, and aspiring interior designer (rearranging her home mostly). She understands the struggles of finding balance between proper eating, exercising regularly, and keeping her family healthy. This is why she starts with the most important part of the body, your nervous system. The nervous system is a network of nerve cells and fibers that transmits nerve impulses between parts of the body. She helps her patients keep their nervous system functioning properly by adjusting subluxations. A subluxation is a slight misalignment of the spine that could cause major problems in your body. Though she can't make you eat your veggies, or exercise more, she is certain that she can help you and your family lead a more subluxation-free life. Her motto has always been, "Be Free, Live Well."


    Licensure & Certification:

    - Rock Tape Doctor, FMT (Fascial Movement Taping)

    - Graston Technique MT1 Certification

    - US National Board Certified

    - California State Chiropractic Licensed

    - Life Chiropractic College West Alumni

    Lauren Young

    office assistant & Personal trainer

    Lauren was born and raised in San Francisco.  She went to Sequoia High School.  


    Lauren is currently a student at Everglades University to obtain a Bachelor's of Science with a Major in Alternative Medicine


    She is also a Personal trainer/Fitness Coach/ and co-founder at Marvelous CrossFit located in Burlingame, CA 

    Flavia Tarrant

    massage therapist

    Flavia Tarrant was born and raised in Brazil and graduated with a degree in Physical Therapy. After moving to California, however, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a Massage Therapist.  She received her license at the Diamond Light School of Massage and Healing Arts.  Since then she has created a dynamic style by incorporating different techniques such as Swedish Massage, deep tissue, sport massage, myofascial release technique, hot stone therapy and aromatic massage with essential oils.  Flavia’s depth of knowledge and wide range of diversity helps her to adapt to each client’s needs.

    Michael Ramos

    coach and personal trainer

    Coach Mike is a Level 1 Crossfit Coach, mobility specialist and a budding entrepreneur. He currently runs a startup company, but his true passion lies in helping people to achieve their goals through health and fitness.


    When he isn't managing his start-up, you could find him working on his Jeep or attending seminars on health and fitness.

  • I trust her

    "Dr. Naroth Nop Mendoza is so skilled at what she does and I trust her."

    - Katie S.

    Don't Give Up!


    After failed physical therapy in my teens, to loads of prescription painkillers in my late teens and early twenties, and a failed L4/L5 lumbar discectomy (with more painkillers here and there), I decided to seek alternative care and treatment. That's when Dr. Naroth and her chiropractic work changed my life! I've been seeing her on and off for three years as needed and with her help, guidance, and treatments my pain has become tolerable (and at times, forgettable)! If you're experiencing pain or recovering from an injury and don't want to or have given up on pharma and the like, check out Dr. Naroth! - @Insta_tee, Tina G.

    No more Ibuprofen!

    The weekly visits to Dr. Naroth has helped my son manage his pain and he doesn't need ibuprofen anymore! She also helps me during when I'm training for a fight and helps me get through it each week.

    - @darrenbcu, Darren U.

    My body awareness

    It's not easy getting injured during training season. But having the right Chiropractic care goes a very long way into climbing through those difficult obstacles to recovery. Despite my own profession, I still continue to learn the alignment of my own body mechanics and for this I thank the one and only Dr. Naroth who has helped me become a better athlete and coach in increasing my awareness towards the importance of balance in the body.

    - @toyoadventures, Aaron B.

  • The Benefits

    When pain killers and stretching won't cut it...

    Chiropractic helps with (based on research)...

    • Low back pain
    • Neck pain
    • Headaches
    • Sciatica
    • Impingement of nerves
    • Ear infections 
    • Acid Reflux
    • Colic in children
    • Hypertension
    • Extremities: shoulder, wrist, ankle, knee, hips

    What other amazing benefits may Chiropractic provide?

    • Decreased tension in muscles
    • More relaxed
    • Improved posture
    • Physically and mentally balanced
    • More clarity and headspace
    • Better Mood
    • More sleep!!
    • Better sports performance

    How chiropractic care works:

    Chiropractic treatment focuses on the bones of the skeleton to optimize their alignment. If the skeletal joints are aligned and moving freely, you will experience less joint irritation, less inflammation and less swelling. It’s those misalignments that impinge on your nerves and cause you pain, numbness or weakness.


    We administer a gentle chiropractic adjustment to the part of the spine (or joint) that is not aligned properly. Chiropractic adjustments are done to help give you relief and help restore you to optimum health.

  • Locations


    BURLINGAME OFFICE (Located inside Marvelous CrossFit Gym)


    Tuesday 1130am - 9pm

    Wednesday 3pm - 630pm

    Thursday 1130am - 9pm

    Friday 1pm - 530pm

    Saturday 1130am - 130pm


    By Appointment Only

    384 Beach Road

    Burlingame, CA 94010


    To schedule by phone call/text: 650-567-5755

    To schedule by email: info@befreelivewell.com

    For questions email: drnaroth@befreelivewell.com

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